TRIUMPH! And Music for Thursday

Please see the following thanks from Ruth and Judith.  The feedback we have received has been wonderful – this was posted on the website: “Congratulations to everyone on an amazing performance. I enjoyed it tremendously and so admire all the hard work put in by everyone. Thank you.”

But (of course) we never rest on our laurels so please can you dig out the following pre-Chichester/Gluck marathons music:

“My Love Dwelt in a Northern Land”

“Both Sides Now”

“Music when Soft voices die”

"The Sound of Silence"

“Hark the Lark” books

I think everyone (except Helen) should have copies but please let me know ASAP should you not have one.

Many thanks



 Dear fantastic choir,

I am sooooo happy with how Sunday went!  You were utterly brilliant and it was an enormous help to me to know that you were so musically confident.  Your collective help with all the non-musical preparations was also totally successful and I am 100% certain that we gave our audience a really special afternoon and left people feeling that they had had extraordinarily good value for their £10 ticket.

Many, many congratulations and thanks to each and every one of you - your singing was fantastic, and I am immensely proud of you all.

See you for more of the same on Thursday!

Lots of love,



I should like to add my thanks to Jennifer’s - thank you, lovely fellow Paddockers, for the flowers and for all your support and kind comments while we were putting the narration together. The concert was such fun!

Best wishes,


Fiona Monson