IMPORTANT! Rehearsal 31 May (emailed 25 May)

This is really important stuff Ruth covered last night for us to be as prepared as possible for the performance.  For those not there we had an amazing rehearsal and covered ALL the music we will be singing.  You may feel daunted as we have a lot of separate pieces but if you add up the total recordings on the website they only come to 18 minutes and that includes introductions and a lot of repetition.  It is really not that much music and much of it is only in 2 parts so we have strength in numbers.  Please also assemble all your music in your black folder in the right order ready for the concert.

Please try to make next week’s rehearsal if possible.  Briony will be coming along so we can practice our entries with her solos.  We will also hear some of the narrative between scenes.  We will also be trying out the changes of scarves so please bring along a scarf in a flame colour (i.e. red, orange or yellow).  If you have a spare scarf in any if these colours you could lend to someone please also bring those.

The scarves are designed to indicate what character we are playing.  For number 1 we are mourners and will be dressed in plain black (no scarf).  For number s 2 through 5 we are Furies protecting the gates of Hell from Orpheus entering and will wear our flame scarves.  For the rest we are Blessed Spirits or Eurydice and will wear white scarves (provided by the choir).  We will need a quick change of scarf between numbers so no fancy scarf pins and additional costume distractions are required!

Ruth also stressed how it is important to feel the character of the piece so read the words:

Number 1 – we are shepherdess mourners but in a loud Eastern European/Middle Eastern way not a British stiff upper lip – in public grief.

Number 2 – we are Furies appalled by the thought of a mortal trying to get past us into Hell. (Music note – half way through page 16 after “death” there is a musical interlude and we repeat from the beginning.  (Soprano 2 – sing up the octave at the start and on the “no”s from page 20 ie. Sop 1 line.  Altos – for this and many of the pieces write the words under your notes to make it easier to read).  Straight into

Number 3 -  “Rashling” has been replaced with “human” at start and middle of page 28.  On page 27 we ALL sing up the octave (Sop1 part) from “Dim shades” to “Darkness Fell”.  Straight into:

Number 4 – As Furies we are now amazed by this beautiful music.  Straight into

Number 5 – Orpheus is now our best mate and we are happy to let him in.

Orchestral break – we change to white scarves.

Number 6 – We are Eurydice/blessed spirits singing about how lovely our part of the underworld is!  All sing from the start to bottom of page 43 then split. Only S1 sing the Eurydice solo on page 44 but we will (probably) all sing the solo on page 45 to 46.  At the end it goes back to the op of page 44 and carries on to finish at the end of the first line of page 45.

Number 7 – We are still Eurydice/Blessed spirits.  All sing at bottom of page 48 into page 49.

Number 9  (number 8 is a solo) – we just sing Eurydice’s line “Beloved” at the bottom of page 59.  If anyone wants music still ask me but it will be easy to learn by ear.

Let Love Triumphant – triumphant!  After letter C there is a new solo verse and we sing from our start again.  Ruth changed the notes at the very end so they are not as the recording.

So key points for next week:

  • Bring flame coloured scarves
  • Put all music into your black folder and in the right order!
  • Work out ways to mark your music with the messages above
  • Keep listening to the recordings on the website.  If confident try singing your part against another recorded part!
  • Don’t panic!

Please also start thinking about what you might bring to the sharing tea at the concert.  Any sort of finger food is very welcome.

See you Thursday!

Fiona Monson