IMPORTANT! Specific Changes to What We Will Perform in Orpheus

At the rehearsal on 17 May Ruth introduced the following changes:

- In Number 2 choir sing the first 13 bars only.  Then there will be some narration and a short but frenzied bit of orchestral music which moves straight into the beginning of Number 2 again, but without the first 3 bars (harp music).  The movement then continues straight through to the end.

 - Numbers 2 (full version), 3, 4 and 5 will continue straight through without any narration - this is a dialogue between chorus (Furies) and Orfeo on his harp.

 - In Number 9 the choir now only sing the word "Beloved" on the second page. The rest of number 9 is either sung by Orfeo and Amor, and the final trio is CUT (4th page to the end).  The movement will be followed immediately by "Let love triumphant"

 - In "Let Love Triumphant" the choir now sing first of all from letter B to C, then there will be a new verse for Amor (included in the recording), after which the choir sing again from letter B to the end.

 - "Ah What Bliss" is CUT

Make sure you have these noted in your copy.

Fiona Monson