Security at FMH, Forthcoming Events and New Website

Security at Friends Meeting House

We have received an e mail from the FMH.  For security reasons they have changed the access code for the front door.   They have asked that we do not generally disclose this but if you often are the first at the building and would prefer not to wait in the code let me know and I will send it.  They have also asked that the main door is not left on the latch, that we be mindful f other groups using the hall at the same time, that we close and lock windows.  I don’t think these are ever issues but let’s all be mindful!

Reminder of dates

Just a quick reminder of our set dates for extra activities!

Paddock Songbook: Sunday 26 Feb 2-4pm at Subud Centre, Station Street.  If you have ideas for items we have sung to revisit (in addition to those you sent before Christmas) let me know and I will collate for Ruth.

Choral Evensong, Chichester Cathedral:  Wednesday 2 May.  Rehearsal will be around 2pm with Evensong at 5pm (subject to confirmation).  Choir numbers are limited.  Please invite friends and relatives to the Evensong.

Summer Concert, All Saints Centre.  Sunday 10 June.  Rehearsal approx. 2pm with concert 4.30 pm (subject to confirmation).

Many thanks for those who have confirmed whether they can attend all these on the Doodle Poll ( .  however this is still only 24 members out of 45 so if you have not completed the poll please do so or e mail me.  There is no option for a maybe on the poll (though you can add a note) so if you are not sure or if you are a no please do contact me.  This is particularly important for the summer concert and Evensong as given we have far less Sop 2s and Altos than Sop1s if we are several short Ruth might need to reallocate voice parts before we get stuck into the Orpheus.  For the Songbook we were short of copies at the last event as not everyone had confirmed attendance.

New website

Our new website is live!  It still has a few teething issues we are looking to smooth out so please let me know if you spot and bloomers or have suggestions for improvements.  We now have a Members Only section where we will post rehearsal dates and venues, recorded voice parts, committee member details, copies of emails, the constitution and other matters we want to maintain a degree of privacy over.  There is a generic password which is “paddocksingers18”.  The address is

Fiona Monson