Dear Paddockers


This  e mail is to set out details for the main concert on 9 December. 



We have rather incredibly sold all tickets to the concert already.  I am really sorry if you have not yet bought your tickets.  If you would like to reserve tickets in case of returns please e mail .  Similarly if you have reserved tickets which are no longer needed please also email to cancel them.  To ease congestion on the night, if possible please arrange to pay Jan in cash at rehearsal or by cheque to “Paddock Singers”.  Alternatively pay direct to the bank account with reference “Your surname – Tickets” (your own surname, that’s is!).  Please also take down any promotional material you have put up.



Please try to make all rehearsals.  We are meeting:

Thursday 29 Nov – 8.00 to 9.30 at St Annes

Tuesday 4 December – 8.00 to 9.30 at St Annes  NOTE: NOT MONDAY AS I PUT ON WEBSITE

Thursday 6 December – 8.00 to 9.30 at St Annes (after Late Night Shopping and pizza)

Sunday 9 December – 2.00 to 4.00/4.30 at St Michaels


Please arrive promptly at St Michaels ready to sing at 2.00.  Whilst everyone is really good and not chatting during rehearsal, this is just a reminder to keep chat to a minimum so we can maximise rehearsal time.  If you have a query about music ask Ruth not your neighbour as other people may also be uncertain and you are likely to get the right answer!


If it is too far to return home between the rehearsal, you are welcome to stay in the church and a group usually pop across the road for refreshment at Café Nero.


Please return to the church by 5.40.  Doors open to the public at 5.30.


We have access to the toilets in Church House opposite the church entrance.



Please bring any sleigh bells or suitable alternative percussion with you to accompany Ruth and Carole’s traditional Sleigh Ride duet.  If this is precious feel free to keep this for yourself or for family but if you are happy to share please drop it in the box we will bring for this purpose.  Feel free to label it with your name to ensure its return afterwards.



If you have any attractive greenery or similar to decorate the church please bring this to the rehearsal.  If you are happy to help Jenny Stewart decorate the church after rehearsal please speak to Jenny.



We also need people to move chairs from Church House into the Church before rehearsal and back afterwards so please arrive at 1.45 if you can help with this and if possible stay after the performance to move them back.



I attach an order so you can arrange your music in the right order.  You may also want to put markers on your carol books for the right pages.  I will send round word sheets for the audience carols so you don’t need to use the carol books for these.  I also attach word sheets from Ruth for some of our carols.  Past Three O’Clock is best printed in colour.  If you have produced your own for anything and are happy to share feel free to send them to me. 



As a reminder we use is A4 Tiger presentation display book with 40 pages.  You can get this in Sussex Stationers or from Amazon:

Make sure you get the one with 40 pages.  Lesley will have copies of the poster to put at the front of the folder.



Black with a  splash of red, pink or orange.  This may be a plain scarf, hair decoration or corsage.  I have a bright selection of flowers from Sarah Hunter if anyone would like one.



As Ruth will have her hands full, if you have any non-musical concerns on the day please speak to me.


Onwards and upwards!


07786 252145



Fiona Monson