Christmas concerts etc - Email 05/12/2017

Xmas 2017 Wordsheet (large font)

Wordsheet for We need a little Christmas

Music familiarity

PLEASE become familiar with all music both note wise and in “geography” when there are repeats and lots of words (notably We Need A Little Christmas – I attach the wordsheet for this again).

It was noticeable last night that many people are not confident with The Lamb and it is not performance ready.  As Ruth has said there are only about 4 bars of music in the piece and they are musical palindromes (repeat is the reverse of the original line) so whilst the notes clash a lot there are not many of them!

Please keep listening to everything on Soundcloud as much as possible and if you feel confident in your part try singing against Ruth singing a different part.

I appreciate that we all have busy lives and illnesses we don’t want to spread but we are a performance choir and missing rehearsals means that you miss any changes to notes, of which parts are singing at what point and important pauses or slowing down  It also means people are not looking at Ruth as they don’t know the music so ignore her conducting.  No amount of listening to Soundcloud will make up for what is learnt at rehearsal so please do try to attend as much as possible.  As is in our constitution Ruth has the right to ask people not to sing at concerts if they have attended less than 70% of rehearsals but please don’t put her in that awkward position! (NAG OVER!)

Cowboy hats and jingle bells!

We are looking at wearing cowboy hats for the Cowboy Carol (where doing so will not block the vision of those behind you!).  If you have a suitable hat you could bring and would be willing for someone else to wear please bring on Sunday. 

We are also looking for people to bring any suitable bells or other jingling instruments for children (and others) to play during the Sleigh Ride so if you have access to same and are willing to lend out  again please bring on Sunday.  Label them with your name if you are concerned about getting them back.

Party at Kath’s

Thank you for those who have replied on the poll (or by e mail) on their availability for a party on 15 December.  However as is normal only about half the choir has replied.  Please add your name to the Doodle poll below (tick if you can attend or leave blank if you can’t) or e mail me.

Tickets for our concert

These are selling really well so please either reserve your tickets by e mailing me or buy direct at Eventbrite:


If you reserve tickets please pay me at the rehearsal on Sunday.  If you will not see your loved ones before the concert please advise them to collect them from the “reserved desk” (they shouldn’t need to queue).  If appropriate they can pay on the night. Don’t forget there is a prize for the most tickets sold!

Amnesty Concert Rehearsal

For those attending, the rehearsal will be at 3.00pm (venue to be advised).  The concert is at 7.00pm NOT 7.30 which is on some promotional material.  Those not performing can buy tickets if they want to attend:

Louise Winters